What is Down Syndrome South Africa”s (DSSA) approach to Inclusive Education?

DSSA is an organisation that is working towards finding ways to improve the quality of life of all persons with Down syndrome. We aim at promoting the idea that people with Down syndrome have the right to live with independence, dignity and security as valued adults and full citizens in our society. As a rights and advocacy movement, we strives to empower families through sharing information, encouraging research in the fields of early intervention, education, medical aspects and employment.

DSSA is a leader in the field of inclusive education in South Africa. We are engaged in encouraging educational reform which would allow for a greater range of services to support learners who are experiencing barriers to learning in ordinary schools, including those with Down syndrome.

Who are the members of DSSA?

Members of this organisation include parents, concerned professionals and members of the public. They are all working together with parents of adults/ children with intellectual disability.

Target of the information on Inclusive Education

This is aimed at parents of children with Down syndrome. Our purpose is to equip them with information regarding the education of their children. This information can also be useful to parents of other children with special educational needs, as much of what is discussed here is relevant to them.

Objectives of this information
To inform parents about the inclusive education approach.
To provide parents with information regarding their rights as parents of children with Down syndrome.
To provide guidelines about the responsibilities parents have.
To suggest ways in which the parent-school relationship can be developed and strengthened.
To provide information about where parents could go for help.