Happy World Down Syndrome Day

Today marks World Down Syndrome Day and Human Rights Day, the theme chosen to mark this important day is INCLUSION MEANS…, what is the link between human rights and inclusion, are they mutually exclusive of each other?

The concept of Human rights tells us that everyone has the right to dignity irrespective of gender, race, nationality, or any other status. Inclusion tells us that no one should be excluded based on their gender, race, nationality, or disability.

So why is it that we exclude on the basis of disability? Because as a society we are taught to attach value to differences, that everyone that looks or act differently from us are not worthy of being included as they do not fit the norms of society. They are often deprived of equal access and benefits from ordinary services, such as health, education, social protection and employment.

As a nation we face many challenges currently in terms of our basic service rights, such as the right to electricity, water and security.  As we reflect on our hard-earned democracy and sacrifices given to afford us these human rights, let us remember that there is a sector of society that still fights on a daily basis to just to be seen or heard and be respected as part of the human race.

Their extra chromosome does not define them, it does not make them less or more, it makes them one of us. They should not come as an afterthought or as an add on, they are part of our humanity and we should all work towards a culture of inclusion irrespective of differences.

Join us during March (human Rights Month) and April (Freedom Month) in our Quality Inclusive Education for All Campaign. Follow us on all our social media platforms and let those in authority know that Human Rights and Inclusion belong to each and every one of us equally.

You can follow the events being hosted at the UN in New York and Geneva by clicking on the following links: