Down Syndrome South Afica

Down Syndrome South Africa (DSSA)

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Down Syndrome South Africa is the National Umbrella Body of all Down Syndrome associations across South Africa. We currently have eight branches, one support group and four outreaches in most of the major centres of the country. (Check out branches on top bar). We are a non-profit organisation (NPO 009-415) which is made up of people with Down syndrome, their families and interested persons working to improve the quality of life for those with Down syndrome. We also include people with other intellectual disabilities.


Advocacy and lobbying to parliament, government etc on the rights of persons with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities;

Developing and dissemination of updated information through various forms of media;

Raising Awareness;

Promoting World and National Down Syndrome Day annually;

Capacity building of our members;

Training on: 

  • New Parent Support and Basic Counseling;
  • Early Intervention - What you need to know;
  • Inclusive Education;
  • Self Advocacy;
  • Job Coaching.

As a national organisation we link and work closely with and are members of Down Syndrome International, Inclusion International and the International Disability Alliance which links directly with the United Nations.

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