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Down Syndrome Association - Tshwane

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OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 0730-1430 Due to counseling, new parents visits or outreach work being done, the phone may not be answered. Contact the following during office hours:

012 664 8871

Elaine – 

SERVICES OFFERED The Association consist of more of less seven hundred members. 400 members are families of children with Down syndrome and 300 professionals working with persons with Down syndrome.

Office and Library The Association owns a Centre where a well-stocked information  library with books, videos, cassettes and magazines are based. The most important channel of communication is our newsletters and website, through which recent research information is distributed to a variety of stakeholders in the field of disability. We know that it keeps members up to date with international trends in the field of Down syndrome.

Support service This organisation has trained support parents who visit the parents of a new born baby with Down syndrome in the hospital and at home in order to provide information and the necessary emotional support. At the moment the birth rate of children with Down syndrome is 1 in every 700 babies and therefore we are inundated with requests for aid and support. Our support service extended to the Gauteng, North-West Province, Mpumalanga, Northern Province and Free State.

Early intervention It has been shown that with the necessary stimulation, children with Down syndrome make wonderful progress and can even go to ordinary schools, To help children to reach their maximum potential and to prepare the children for schooling, the Association refers families to the nearest therapists.

Education support The Association provides a service to parents and children to get access to schooling and guidance and support to teaching staff on request. Referrals to a variety of schools are given. Facilitators visit the schools on request, and once a year a teacher-training workshop is presented. 

Outreach Monthly support groups gather in Atteridgeville, Mamelodi and Ga-Rankuwa. Bi weekly and monthly parent guidance and training programs are presented in Garankuwa and Lyttelton. Children with Down syndrome (0 – 7 years) are accommodated in this programme. Counsellors from the communities are running these centres and speech – and occupational therapists visit these Centres monthly.

Symposiums Twice per year we hold information symposiums to share information with  parents for different stages of growing up with Down syndrome.

Moms Club Quarterly moms have get togethers to share experiences, laugh and enjoy a much needed break.

Dads Club Twice per year dads get together to do Dad things, share and laugh at the many dad experiences they have.

5-11 year Social group This group is just starting and will hopefully go from strength to strength. A social club and support for parents and children to grow together. 

Jeans and Tekkies teenage club We started a group for the teenagers from 12 to 18. The group gathers quarterly for some educational social gatherings and a dance now and then. The group aims to facilitate and foster friendships and improve social skills.

Self advocate Club This social club for our adults with Down syndrome get together once in every three months to have a sokkie/disco night / for them. Once every year we also have a camp for our young adults aiming for a level of social independence. 

School to work Program The Association started this program to get young adults ready for the open labour market. We have a program that runs 4 days a week and gives the young adults the necessary skills and confidence to gain employment with support. The ultimate goal of this club is to facilitate the process through which adults and teenagers with Down syndrome can reach a level of social independence that could facilitate their inclusion into the open labour market.

Supported employment The DS Association is in the process of starting Supported employment. The idea for people with intellectual disability is to work in the open labour market. Young adults with Down syndrome could be integrated. The main goal is to help all persons with Down syndrome to reach a level of social independence that could facilitate their inclusion into the open labour market.

Sport Program The Association has a sports program every Tuesday with sports facilitators working on core areas for development as well as trainers to help get our young adults ready for Sport Competitions. We also support swimmers to access swimming competitions. Annually our Atheletics Day is popular and attended by large numbers of athletes around Tshwane, Gauteng and surrounding provinces.